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Free ebooks for London Book Fair 2013

(Free promo has ended, but there'll be more later in the summer)

Free on Kindle for London Book Fair 2013 (new covers) -  Death & The City Books One and Two free for 5 days only - psychological humour.

Having just been published in a contest anthology with Jeffrey Archer (my 100-word short 'Performance Car' gained an honourable mention and inclusion with the finalists and Mr. Archer, who inspired the contest), here's another treat for you all :)

You can also find 'The Jeffrey Archer Short Story Challenge Collection' permanently free on Kobo here:

Review by Jake Barton (on the combined Death & The City: Heavy Duty Edition, also available on Amazon) - "Fantastic romp, in every sense - Death and the City is one of those books that's difficult to place in a pigeonhole and all the better for that. I started reading and couldn't stop. The beautifully constructed and complex main character, a 'hit-woman' no less, has a life of epic highs and lows, eminently practical yet resourceful and deadly. Inner thoughts, interspersed with crash, bang, wallop action and a fascinating and well conceived plot carry the reader along at breakneck pace. I absolutely loved this and will be seeking out the author again very soon."

BOOK ONE (Chapters 1-20):

Lara Leatherstone - not her real name, she got it from an internet Porn Star Name Generator...

...And Connor Reeves, also not his real name, as it turns out - how he came by his, is less clear...

Both are obliged to work their way through the To Do List of 'Hollywood Hit-Men' - a breed mostly preoccupied with gold chains, impressing barmaids, and shady contracts - erasing these unwanted pests with the minimum of paperwork. Or pay.

When she's not under surveillance by head office, Lara spends her time juggling a night job in bar security, an only child with a zombie fixation, and what passes for a social life in the small hours in between. And the small matter of ongoing internal scrutiny, by her own highly-self-monitoring personality disorders. 

She is often distracted by her own psychotic train of thought, and analyses the dysfunctional relationships she sees in everyday life, because she’s never had one. 

When head office try to set her up in a team with a wingman, her main concern is they’re trying to manufacture a weakness that they can manipulate her with - not to mention once they agree on a working colleague, Pest-Control-sniper-turned-police-officer Connor, that he might be quite manipulative too...

BOOK TWO (Chapters 21-40):

Following on directly from Book One, ‘Death And The City: Book Two’ continues the ongoing bloody, moral, psychological and fashion dilemmas of professional hit-man’s nemesis and single working female Lara Leatherstone (her Porn Star Name Generator alias of choice), as she catches up with paid contract killers on the To Do List.

Which she fits in between the sometimes mundane requirements of her regular nightclub job, and the irrational fear of dating, all under constant self-scrutiny for ulterior motives. 

It’s been a while since the last Firearms Amnesty, meaning the collection scavenged from her targets is taking up more room in her kitchen cupboards than there is left for teabags. And threats of new technology mean that upgrades are now necessary all of the time - and not the kind she wants to park in her driveway or answer her mobile phone to any time soon. 

In the meantime, her targets and associates seem to have a lot of time on their hands for alternative escapist lifestyles and online fantasy worlds, blissfully unaware of as crossing over into her own quite real one. 

And her new wingman, Connor, has another agenda of his own. Rather than the one she’s concerned about, which is that head office are trying to gain more blackmail leverage. When they're not trying to get her to recruit more ‘Deathrunners’ or to send them photographs of herself dressed as Catwoman trying on shoes, neither of which she is keen to do, for various reasons...

Death & The City: Book One -

Death & The City: Book Two -

For USA/India:

Death & The City: Book Two -



Death & The City: Book Two -


Death & The City: Book Two -


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